Diffraction Anisotropy Server

We have made security improvements to this server. Any previous failed jobs should work properly now, please rerun your job if it failed to complete. If it was stuck at 'Append Free R flags, if any...', it should complete now with results.

Perform Ellipsoidal Truncation and Anisotropic Scaling

MTZ version

[XDS version here]
Upload structure factors in MTZ format:
Specify label for input structure factor
Must match label in mtz file.
Check with mtzdump
Specify label for input sigmaF
Must match label in mtz file.
Check with mtzdump
Resolution limits to be used for ellipsoidal truncation.
• Specify a resolution cutoff (Angstroms) for each of the three principle axes in any order.
• If input set to zero, the server will chose appropriate limits for you.
=limit 1
=limit 2
=limit 3
Option for B-factor sharpening Let server decide on B-factor
Use my input B-factor.

Negative B-factors sharpen.
Zero does no sharpening.

Specify label for input FreeR_flag

(Must match label in mtz file. Check with mtzdump)
No, I do not have Free_R flags
Yes, labeled: