Diffraction Anisotropy Server

Perform Ellipsoidal Truncation and Anisotropic Scaling

XDS version

[MTZ version here]
Upload unmerged XSCALE reflection file (.ahkl format)
Intensity measurements are not merged by symmetry. Example format. XSCALE is part of XDS Suite.
Resolution limits to be used for ellipsoidal truncation.
• Specify a resolution cutoff (Angstroms) for each of the three principle axes in any order.
• If input set to zero, the server will chose appropriate limits for you.
=limit 1
=limit 2
=limit 3
Option for B-factor sharpening Let server decide on B-factor
Use my input B-factor.

Negative B-factors sharpen.
Zero does no sharpening.

Do you want to generate FreeR_flags?

Yes, with fraction: