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This server provides a method of searching the PDB (212,205 in our database, last updated Feb 28, 2024) for structures matching the selected criteria below. You may filter by Matthew's Coefficient, percent solvent, space group, cell volume, submission date, and cell parameters. You must check the parameter in order to make it an active filter. After your selection has been made, you may pick which parameter you would like to use to order the results.

• Only enter a value for a parameter if you want it included in the search.
Example: Enter 2.5 in the Matthews Coefficient field and click any where to see the number of hits. Then put >= 60% solvent to get the intersection of the 2. Scroll down to push the button to collect the structure information

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Matthews Coefficient

Disregard 34325 PDB records with no Vm (16.175%)
← To Start: try entering 2.5 here, then click anywhere

Percent solvent

Disregard 34260 PDB records with no SP (16.145%)

molecular weight


cell volume


Space Group

Please use this page to search on only cell parameters alone
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